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About graphite plugged bronze bushings

We provide a huge range of graphite plugged bronze bushings.
we offer specialized graphite impregnated products from bushings and bearings to wear plates and washers / spacers.Graphite plugged bronze is a process that is not easily achieved by the novice machine shop.
Graphite plugged bronze bushing is a type of self lubricating bushing. The base material of the bushing is brass, bronze or steel.The graphite is plugged into the base material to work as lubrication purpose. This type bushing is maintenance free type bushing. People always called it as oiles bearing, solid lubricant bearing or solid bronze bushing.
Graphite plugged bushings are used in some of the toughest industrial applications where continual lubrication in hard to reach areas is necessary. These components are essential in the appliance,automotive, furnace and other applications where demanding conditions exist.
Graphite products offer better lubrication and wear resistance in many applications thus providing extended longevity to your finished bearings, bushings, wear plates, and other bronze machined products.

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